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Change begins when you see a wrong and make it right. Stand up to Bullying.

We as human beings have 4 needs: Acceptance, Identity, Security and Purpose

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  -Ghandi


Family Patterns Matter is a youth driven organization. Understanding the importance of peer to peer discussions in listening to our youth, we gain a glimpse of the world as they see it. Using their perspective, positive influence and support entering a child’s life at any age can change the dynamics of their future.

Our Focus:

    • “Youth Advisory Board” brings pre-teen and teen perspectives in defining issues that impact their life. Low self-worth leads to depression, self-harm, eating disorders, and isolation .
    • A foster child’s outlook on being loved: “Not Damaged Goods”. A loving home in the right environment brings positive change. The past is not forgotten, but part of who they become.
    • Becoming “the parent” again:  ”Grandparents Raising Grandchildren”. Listening to the grandparent and listening to the child to understand the dynamics and needs to support the growing number of these families.
    • Education: Tutoring and mentoring at risk youth;  “Youth Offenders” asks the tough questions facing all of us in the community-what is the dynamic of the family where gangs, drugs, violence and school drop-out occurs? Can a generational issue seen in these families be changed? Is there a solution to end the cycle?
    • Family Violence: learned behavior; includes introduction to Teen Dating Violence.


Mission: Stop the cycle of violence, substance abuse and economic distress; how? youth empowerment.

Vision: The proven  wisdom of compassionate adults and community leaders combined with  the passion of our youth,  will be the ripple that brings  positive impact to enable and equip other youth  with preventive strategies, community actions and whatever they deem appropriate to address negative societal, community and family patterns.

Purpose: Create a program that allows youth to be heard. To listen to each word and not judge. To allow for solutions to come from the youth with the understanding they will do no harm. To bring support to those who request it. To bring guidance when needed. To allow for leaders to emerge. To give each individual the opportunity to gain self-worth. To bring answers to questions they may not understand. To instill the love of learning. To bring kindness and generosity to each one.


Our Values: Respect, Honesty and Integrity


Executive board:

Linda Kirkpatrick: CEO/President

Joyce Edmonson: Chair

Dr. Bonnie Thomas: Vice Chair

Garnet Reynolds: Secretary/Treasure

Sam Madaris: Youth Advisory Board


Advisory Board:

Barbara Martin: Event Planner http:/

Jim Mottola: Community

Gretchen Cleveland: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren/ family

Carol Hovey: Events/fundraising

Jaray Gillespi: Board development


Standup and Stop Bullying: Linda Kirkpatrick, Erin Krause, Carol Hovey, Serena Bowman

Financial: CPA,  Garnet Reynolds; Shirley Wynn

Social Media/Marketing:

Fundraising: Elijah Aikens

Youth Advisory Board: Sam Madaris, Linda Kirkpatrick



Important Areas: 

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Bonnie Thomas, Linda Kirkpatrick; Gretchen Cleveland

“‘Not Damaged Goods” raising awareness to the forever family for Foster Children: Mandy Morris

Christmas for the Children: Tim Kirkpatrick

Technical Support Website: Richard Tai

News Letter: Angelica Yanten



Collaborative Affiliate:

Prevent Child Abuse Coweta: Susan Ebersbach

Juvenile Justice System: Judge Joe Wyant, Erin Jansen, Bea Hendrix; Tutor/Mentor

Three Rivers of the Southern Crescent: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren; Gloria Sanford

A.S.P.I.R.E.S.:  Working with youth on the autistic spectrum; Neydi Belmonte, Cathy Denov

Coweta Domestic Violence Task Force: Melissa Sizemore; Solicitors Office




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